All About Zines

Creating your own DIY mini books

Series 3 | Lesson 9

Creators | Aśka & Campbell Whyte

Zine are little handmade books that are as limitless as your imagination! In this lesson, we’ll hear from Aśka and Campbell, who will tell us all about ZINES, and show us how we can make our own unique zines too.

This lesson introduces students to zines – hand-made booklets (or mini magazines) that they can create themselves to showcase their stories and illustrations. Students will discover the limitless possibilities of storytelling that zines offer, and will learn how to use a simple template to create a zine of their own, as a way to publish and share their creative work.

Key Concepts:

  • What is a zine?
  • Who makes zines, and what can be inside one?
  • How can we make our own zines?


  • Using a simple template to create a zine.
  • The limitless possibilities for storytelling, and sharing your own voice.
  • Using your own knowledge and interests to create a zine.

Resources for

All About Zines

Resources include lesson plans for middle and upper primary students, each with their own activities and supporting resources.

Series 3 Lesson 9 resources on green background
  • A reference poster with some prompts for finding zine ideas.
  • A worksheet template and instructions for a simple folded zine.
  • An activity to use the zine form to advocate for a social cause.
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About All About Zines Creators

Campbell Whyte

Campbell Whyte is a co-founder and the Program Director of the Perth Comic Arts Festival.

His graphic novel series ‘Home Time’ was nominated for the prestigious Eisner Awards and has been commissioned by a wide range of cities to create public-art comics.

He provides opportunities for young people to develop their comics-making skills.

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Aśka (‘Ash-ka’) is a graphic novelist, an ex-quantum physicist .

She is an organising committee member for the Perth Comic Arts Festival, has singlehandedly run an animation festival, once won a grant for a solo art exhibition, and has been featured in an ABC TV documentary.

When she’s not creating children’s books, Aśka is travelling across WA teaching drawing-as-a-language to anyone who’ll listen. Sometimes, she sleeps.

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