Story Tools Series

Each Story Tools series features 12 short video tutorials, delivered by some of Australia’s brightest and best book creators.

Each lesson focuses on what it means to get inspired, brainstorm, develop and create stories, helping students master the mechanics of storytelling! 

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Find lesson episodes covering:

  • Story Sparks
  • Hooking Your Reader
  • Story Building Blocks
  • All About Plot
  • Writing Characters
  • Introducing Illustrated Stories
  • Drawing Characters
  • All About Genre
  • Rhyming Stories
  • All About Picture Books
  • Editing
  • Reading Stories
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Includes lessons on fiction books, graphic novels, building a picture book and more!

Find lesson episodes covering:

  • Plotters and ‘Pantsers’
  • Staying Inspired
  • Show Don’t Tell - All About Plot
  • Building a Picture Book
  • Heroes and Villains
  • Illustrating a Book Cover
  • Illustration Styles
  • Graphic Storytelling
  • All About Non-Fiction
  • Researching for Non-Fiction
  • The Book Factory
  • Performance Storytelling
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"I love them…The videos were very much en vogue for our students. Obviously linking to the curriculum is vital but also reflecting the way in which we teach is crucial also."

- Chloe, Primary educator

The next series of 12 episodes of Story Tools Series 3 are set for release in February 2024.

  • All About Conflict
  • Plot Twists
  • Place & Time
  • The End
  • All About Voice
  • Storyboarding
  • From Sketch to Finished Illustration
  • Stories Without Words
  • All About Zines
  • Audio Fiction
  • Book Design
  • Making a Reading Space
Story Tools Series 3 creators on green background with white bursts. Tamala is holding a red tool box with Story Tools written on the front

"Catchy and fun. Students will love it!"

- Karys, Secondary educator

"Opportunity for student creation not just busy work."

- Amelia, Primary & Secondary educator

"Colours, characters, quirky and fun!"

- Jackie, Primary educator

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