Planning your story through visuals

Series 3 | Lesson 6

Creators | Aśka & James Foley

In this lesson, Aśka and James will tell us all about storyboarding. And they’ll show us how we can use it to help shape our own stories.

This lesson is a detailed look at storyboarding – the planning tool that visual storytellers use to design and experiment with their story ideas. Students will learn why a storyboard is an essential tool for crafting a visual story, and will become familiar with concepts such as thumbnails, roughs, and drafting. They will be encouraged to use storyboarding as a way to think holistically about planning their creative works.

Key Concepts:

  • What is a storyboard, and how is it used?
  • Why is storyboarding important?
  • How can storyboarding help to plan and shape a story?


  • A simple storyboard template and how to use it.
  • Some tools for creating a storyboard.
  • Using panels, spreads and page turns.

Resources for Storyboarding

Resources include lesson plans for middle and upper primary students, each with their own activities and supporting resources.

Series 3 Lesson 6 resources on green background
  • Different storyboard templates to experiment with.
  • A reference poster reminding students of the importance of storyboarding.
  • A worksheet and short story to plan a storyboard.
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About Storyboarding Creators

James Foley

James Foley makes picture books, middle grade novels and graphic novels for kids.

His picture book ‘Stellarphant’ was an Honour Book in the 2022 CBCA Picture Book of the Year category; it was voted into Australia’s Top 50 Kids Books; and it was selected for the International Youth Library’s prestigious White Ravens List.

He is a massive Marvel movie nerd. He comes from a long line of queuing enthusiasts.

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Aśka (‘Ash-ka’) is a graphic novelist, an ex-quantum physicist .

She is an organising committee member for the Perth Comic Arts Festival, has singlehandedly run an animation festival, once won a grant for a solo art exhibition, and has been featured in an ABC TV documentary.

When she’s not creating children’s books, Aśka is travelling across WA teaching drawing-as-a-language to anyone who’ll listen. Sometimes, she sleeps.

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