Book Design

Listening to stories, and reading them out loud

Series 3 | Lesson 11

Creators | Anna McGregor & Campbell Whyte

Making some parts of a book fade away while other parts stand out sounds tricky – but good book designers know how to manage the balance. In this lesson, Anna and Campbell will show us some of the elements of book design, and how we can use them.

This lesson gives students some insights into the behind-the-scenes world of publishing, with a focus on book design – the physical features of books, and some of the considerations that go into their making. Students will understand the steps and choices involved in designing a book, and will gain a ‘bigger picture’ context for their creative work.

Key Concepts:

  • What is book design?
  • What are some of the important elements of book design?
  • How does book design affect our experience of reading a book?


  • The physical features of the book should match the story that book is trying to tell.
  • Book designers have an important job to do and can help make a book engaging and fun to read.

Resources for Book Design

Resources include lesson plans for middle and upper primary students, each with their own activities and supporting resources.

Series 3 Lesson 11 resources on green background
  • The Elements of Book Design Poster which clearly identifies some of the main book design elements and what these do.
  • A Book Design Treasure Hunt
  • A Design Brief worksheet and example of how a professional book design brief works.
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About Book Design Creators

Campbell Whyte

Campbell Whyte is a co-founder and the Program Director of the Perth Comic Arts Festival.

His graphic novel series ‘Home Time’ was nominated for the prestigious Eisner Awards and has been commissioned by a wide range of cities to create public-art comics.

He provides opportunities for young people to develop their comics-making skills.

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Anna McGregor

Anna McGregor is a creator of modern, quirky and conceptual stories with humour and heart.

Having begun her career as a graphic designer, Anna is now emerging as an award-winning Author/Illustrator. Anna has a deep curiosity about all things and finds her ideas by turning the mundane on its head, merging ideas or exploring wordplay — but always with a story that connects to the human experience.

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