Graphic Storytelling

The wondrous universe of comics & graphic novels

Series 2 | Lesson 8

Creators | Bernard Caleo & Mandy Ord

Graphic stories and comic books are hard to resist - they look good, they move fast, they have an energy and excitement - and they can take our reading experience to a whole new level!

Let’s hear from Mandy and Bernard about some of the different kinds of graphic storytelling, how they create them, and why they are such amazing FUN to read.

Key Concepts:

  • What a graphic story is, and how it differs from other types of storytelling
  • Elements of a graphic story


  • How to take a story idea and shape it into a graphic story
  • Tips for getting started and things to consider when creating a graphic story

Resources for Graphic Storytelling

Resources include lesson plans for middle and upper primary students, each with their own activities and supporting resources.

ST Series 2 Lesson 8 Education Resources
  • Treasure hunt labels to explore your graphic story collection.
  • A poster showing the parts of a graphic story and how to read one.
  • Templates and guidelines for making your own graphic story.
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About Graphic Storytelling Creators

Mandy Ord

Mandy Ord is a cartoonist, illustrator, comic teacher, and disability support worker.

In 2018 she illustrated her first book for children, Chalk Boy, published by Allen & Unwin and written by Margaret Wild, which was shortlisted in 2019 by CBCA and the Queensland Literary Awards for Picture Book of the Year.

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Bernard Caleo

Bernard has been a comic book person since first discovering Tintin at the Northcote Library in 1973.

He believes that comics are the oldest, the difficultest and the funnest artform that humans have come up with.

Bernard is also a theatre performer and radio comic.

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