Staying Inspired

What to do when you're slumping or stuck

Series 2 | Lesson 2

Creators | Mandy Ord & Scott Edgar

In this lesson, Scott and Mandy will tell us how they overcome writing roadblocks.

And they’ll give some tips for staying motivated, so that exciting ideas have the chance to become finished stories!

Key Concepts:

  • Writing ruts: What causes stories to become stuck?
  • How different writers define ‘writer’s block’, what it means, and how they experienced it with their work


  • Tips and ideas for unsticking students’ writing and overcoming the hard moments
  • Strategies for staying excited, motivated and committed to writing
  • How to think about approaching stories one piece at a time

Resources for Staying Inspired

Resources include lesson plans for middle and upper primary students, each with their own activities and supporting resources.

ST Series 2 Lesson 2 Education Resources
  • A handy map to help you find your place when your story loses its way.
  • Worksheets to inspire some interesting, exciting plot turns.
  • A backwards-plan to help see your story from another direction.
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About Staying Inspired Creators

Mandy Ord

Mandy Ord is a cartoonist, illustrator, comic teacher, and disability support worker.

In 2018 she illustrated her first book for children, Chalk Boy, published by Allen & Unwin and written by Margaret Wild, which was shortlisted in 2019 by CBCA and the Queensland Literary Awards for Picture Book of the Year.

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Scott Edgar

After a childhood steeped in role playing games, comic books and getting in trouble for drawing lizard warriors in the margins of exam papers, Scott has gone on to a career in the creative arts which has taken him through theatre, music, comedy, games, radio and television.

As an illustrator Scott works in the comics, games and children's book space.

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