Story Building Blocks

What you'll need to construct a story

Series 1 | Lesson 3

Creators | George Ivanoff & Nova Weetman

So you’ve got a story idea - that’s great! But what do you do next with your idea?

Find out about the story building blocks, and how each of them can help us construct our story.

Key Concepts:

  • An introduction to the five of the key story ‘building blocks’: Setting, Character, Problem, Plot and Resolution
  • How these elements fit together to construct a great story


  • Explorative ways of thinking about the different elements of story ‘building blocks’
  • Ways of using ‘building blocks’ as a framework when planning and writing stories

Resources for Story Building Blocks

Resources include lesson plans for middle and upper primary students,

each with their own activities and supporting resources.

  • Story modeling tool to help students find the story parts they need
  • Help students put parts together to form a story plan
  • Identifying the five ‘building blocks’
  • Why each element is important
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"These resources could work well in extra-curricular programs, as well as the classroom."

- Karys, Secondary educator

About Story Building Blocks Creators

George is an author of award-winning fiction and non-fiction books for young kids, teens and adults, plus many school readers and educational books.

Writing about science fiction, fantasy, adventure, plus interactive stories, George has two children and an uncontrollable imagination.

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Nova is a writer of many shortlisted and award-winning books for younger readers, including The Secrets We Keep and Sick Bay.

Nova is a regular on ABC Radio talking about historic children’s books in Australia.

Her latest book The Jammer was released in October 2022.

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