Performance Storytelling

Sharing stories with a real-life audience

Series 2 | Lesson 12

Creators | Scott Edgar & Valanga Khoza

Through spoken words, songs, movement, or dance, performance stories can entertain, teach, and share traditions and experiences.

In this lesson, Valanga and Scott will share with us a few tales of performing stories for an audience.

And they’ll give us some tips to help us harness our own amazing performance storytelling skills.

Key Concepts:

  • Defining performance storytelling and how it differs from other types
  • The ways that performance storytelling can emote, excite and entertain audiences


  • Tools and techniques in becoming a great performance storyteller, such as pace, humour and physical movement
  • How to show a story through performance

Resources for Performance Storytelling

Resources include lesson plans for middle and upper primary students, each with their own activities and supporting resources.

S2 Lesson 12 Ed Resources
  • A poster of tip to help you get comfortable speaking in front of an audience.
  • A worksheet for creating your own spoken story.
  • Bookmarks to annotate a story and give you direction when you’re reading it out loud.
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About Performance Storytelling Creators

Scott Edgar

After a childhood steeped in role playing games, comic books and getting in trouble for drawing lizard warriors in the margins of exam papers, Scott has gone on to a career in the creative arts which has taken him through theatre, music, comedy, games, radio and television.

As an illustrator Scott works in the comics, games and children's book space.

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Valanga Khoza

Valanga Khoza is a consummate storyteller and musician. He shapes tales of his life into captivating presentations.

From growing up in a traditional setting in South Africa, to his travels throughout the world, he is driven by his struggle against racism and fight for freedom of the black people in South Africa.

Valanga has performed to audiences of adults and children at selected world music events and in many schools across Australia and the Pacific. 

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