Rhyming Stories

Poems with plot!

Series 1 | Lesson 9

Creators | Nicki Greenberg & Davina Bell

All writers choose their words pretty carefully - but in rhyming stories, words are chosen especially for their sounds, or the way the words sound together.

We’ll meet some writers who’ll tell us what they love about reading and writing rhyme, and get some tips for how we can do it too!

Key Concepts:

  • An introduction to some of the different forms of rhyming stories
  • How and why writers might choose to write in rhyme

Take Aways:

  • Key considerations when writing stories in verse or rhyme
  • Tools to begin writing rhyming stories
  • Analysing different forms of rhyme

Resources for Rhyming Stories

Resources include lesson plans for middle and upper primary students,

each with their own activities and supporting resources.

  • Tools to analyse rhyme, and think about the choices an author has made and why
  • Rhyming Tools poster to explore unique ways of story concepts in rhyme
  • Handy list of rhyming words to get started
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"If you're looking for some additional resources for your classroom, check these out…these are a great addition to the already well-loved product."

- Karys, Secondary educator

About Rhyming Stories Creators

Nicki Greenberg

Nicki is an award-winning writer and illustrator of graphic novels, picture books, fiction and non-fiction.

Nicki's favourite activities are making and reading books, but when she does manage to tear herself away from the desk, she loves to roller skate, crochet, and hang out with her pet poodle.

In her past life she worked as a lawyer.

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Davina Bell

Davina Bell is an award-winning author of books for young people of many ages.

Her best-known titles include All the Ways To Be Smart, Under the Love Umbrella and All of the Factors of Why I Love Tractors.

Davina lives in Melbourne, where she works as a children’s book publisher.

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