Drawing Characters

Bringing imaginary friends to life

Series 1 | Lesson 7

Creators | Anna Walker & David Booth

Capturing a character in pictures is a special kind of talent!

In this lesson, we’ll explore the art of illustrating characters.

And we’ll hear from some book illustrators on just how they give their creations uniqueness and PERSONALITY.

Key Concepts:

  • An overview of some of the techniques illustrators use when creating their visual characters
  • Insight into the process of illustrated character creation

Take Aways:

  • Places to look for inspiration when developing characters
  • Tools to communicate ideas visually, via believable and engaging illustrated characters
  • Ideas for characters to refer to when in need of some inspiration

Resources for Drawing Characters

Resources include lesson plans for middle and upper primary students,

each with their own activities and supporting resources.

  • Pages to start one’s own character sketchbook or visual diary
  • Students are encouraged to experiment with finding some characters in the world around them
  • Visual language features that provide clues about a character’s emotions and mood
  • How to show a reader what a character is going through in a story
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"These resources could work well in extra-curricular programs, as well as the classroom."

- Karys, Secondary educator

About Drawing Characters Creators

Anna Walker

Anna is an illustrator and author of many picture books.

Inspired by details in the world around her, Anna’s books have been published internationally, receiving national and international awards and accolades.

When Anna was a child she loved escaping into the world of imagination, and now it’s all she does!

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David Booth

Melbourne-based artist David (aka ghostpatrol) has a diverse practice which spans printmaking, drawing, street art, sculpture and other multimedia experiments.

He likes to visit ideas of space exploration, cosmic scale and the super future.

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