Making a good story amazing

Series 1 | Lesson 11

Creators | Davina Bell & Jane Godwin

Writing a first draft of your story is just the beginning.

Learn how creators polish, change and perfect their work.

And you’ll find out about the exciting job of a book editor, and how editors work with storytellers to help books be the very best they can be.

Key Concepts:

  • Common first-draft problems, issues and mistakes that authors look for when re-reading their finished work
  • How publishers, editors and creators work together to perfect their work

Take Aways:

  • How to read someone else’s work and give kind but useful feedback
  • Understanding what makes a finished story

Resources for Editing

Resources include lesson plans for middle and upper primary students,

each with their own activities and supporting resources.

  • An editing checklist to reference when finding examples of successful story elements
  • A worksheet to review a friend’s work, across aspects of characters, plot, language and more
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"These resources could work well in extra-curricular programs, as well as the classroom."

- Karys, Secondary educator

About Editing Creators

Jane Godwin

Jane is an acclaimed author of books for children and young people, across all styles and ages.

Dedicated to pursuing enriching reading and writing experiences for young people, she also has two adult children, and a baby grandson.

When she’s not reading or writing, Jane can be found spending time with friends and family, running, cooking, playing games and gardening.

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Davina Bell

Davina Bell is an award-winning author of books for young people of many ages.

Her best-known titles include All the Ways To Be Smart, Under the Love Umbrella and All of the Factors of Why I Love Tractors.

Davina lives in Melbourne, where she works as a children’s book publisher.

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